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We interviewed at Yarrah Organic Petfood, a brand specializing in organic food for dogs and cats. Their history began in 1992 and today they are a benchmark for animal lovers who want to go a step further, and offer their pets a food of the highest quality.


Tijmen tells us all the details and the latest news presented at Organic Food Iberia


Hi Tijmen, first of all, how would you define Yarrah Organic Petfood in one sentence?

Yarrah is a pioneer, aiming to make a change for the better by producing tasty organic pet food of the highest quality, without putting unnecessary strain on the planet. 


What news are you presenting at Organic Food Iberia?


This year, besides new product launches, our 100% recyclable packaging and enhancements in our recipes, we are focusing more than ever on the quality of our food. We are striving to be the best in every possible way. This also includes going the extra mile. We are for example B Corp certified. This includes corporate responsibility on many levels. Not only on sustainability and being organic, but it also affects how we deal with the people in and outside our organization and our everyday tasks. Be the change you want to see in the world! Besides this we have many interesting product innovations, such as our organic grain-free dry cat food for sterilized cats, and our vegetarian grain-free dry dog food. But we are also incorporating more multi packs with wet food in the line-up and we are planning something special for Christmas.


Were you in the 1st Edition of 2019? What do you expect from this 2nd Edition?


Yarrah joined the first edition in 2019. It was a great opportunity for us that year to connect to the Spanish market and to speak to people face to face. It also gave us an opportunity to introduce organic pet food to the market, as it is still fairly unknown to many that something like organic pet food exists. We are excited to join the second edition of the fair to reconnect to the people and the market, to show our innovations and product range, and to share our story with everyone who wants to hear it!


How are you experiencing all the changes that are taking place in recent years in the Spanish market with the entry of large distribution and the rise of online commerce, among other things?


These changes are something we see happening in all other markets as well. The joy of working in retail is the constant change in the industry, demand and supply. More than ever we see the demand for organic products within the total industry and also within pet food. This includes the entry of new and sometimes bigger players like large distributors and the involvement of online commerce. The ever changing environment is something where Yarrah really comes to life; constant evolvement and innovation is in our DNA. Our goal is to share our knowledge and vision on sustainable pet food with as many as possible, whether it is in small, large or online commerce.


What is Yarrah's TOP 3 in sales in the Spanish market?


Our top 3 sales in the Spanish market are:

  • Yarrah organic Adult dry dog food with chicken
  • Yarrah organic vegetarian dry dog food
  • Yarrah organic Adult dry cat food with chicken

However, what could also be interesting to those attending the fair, are our fastest growing products with a high potential, namely:

  • Yarrah organic grain-free dry cat food for sterilized cats
  • Yarrah organic grain-free vegetarian dry dog food
  • Yarrah organic wet food in multi packs for cat and dog

What is your main objective at the Organic Food Iberia fair?


Partly due the COVID situation in the past year, it will be our main objective to reconnect with the Spanish market on a face-to-face level. We have not had the pleasure to travel in the past year, so we really look forward to the fair. Besides that, our broader vision as a producer of sustainable pet food of the best possible quality, is to make sure the Spanish market understands we are the real deal on quality and sustainability, and that with the growing demand in organic pet food, Yarrah is the brand to have on shelf!


The main challenge that you have ahead?


The main challenge from our perspective, apart from changing organic regulations in the EU, is that we need to educate and tell people our story. To explain what we do and why we do it, with the aim to grow the awareness of organic pet food among retailers and consumers. Organic is not going away and we can all help to bring across this message!



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